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Power Shots: Growth Factor Therapy for Hair & Face

As we aspire to look the best version of ourselves we are attracted to trying out the therapies that we think might work for us. With Growth Factor Therapy taking the entire aesthetic industry by storm there is an ever-increasing demand that we have for these therapies. The most common areas where these therapies are used are for inducing hair growth in men and women who are suffering from alopecia and on the face for rejuvenation and their anti-aging benefits.

What is Growth Factor Therapy?

The Growth Factor Therapy is a procedure in which one’s own blood is collected in tubes and purified or centrifuged to extract the concentrated segment that contains growth factors and this is injected or delivered by micro-needling methods to the target area.

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The first Growth Factor Therapy

The first treatment was done in an open heart surgery in Italy and after that, it has been applied to various fields principally Cosmetic Surgery, orthopedics, pain medicine, and dentistry. The growth factor therapy has seen a dramatic surge after 2007.

It has received attention due to celebrities endorsing it as facials and also due to athletes using it as repair shots for their sports injuries.

How does it help?

It is a concentrate containing several growth factors and other cytokines which can act as a stimulus to promote healing.

What is it used for?

Growth Factor Therapy can be used for the treatment of hair loss in males and females. In female hair loss along with oral and topical medicines, it has shown excellent results. In male hair loss too the results are good and it is also used to boost hair growth post hair transplants. It is also used in the treatment of acne scars along with micro needling or subcision, in the treatment of reduction of scars along with lasers. Growth Factor Facials (also known as vampire facial or vampire facelift) are a very popular method for facial rejuvenation, they lend a healthy glow to the face. We have our signature ‘Facial Skin Revive’ where we combine the growth factor therapy with a special HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel to bring the hydration and bounce of youthful glow on the face.

How is it prepared? Is too much blood needed?

Growth factor preparation requires just about 30-40ml of blood. It is a double centrifugation method that is used to prepare growth factors in the required concentration. The typical growth factors prepared by standard methods looks pinkish in color.

The method of growth factors preparation should be standard to yield good results. Sterility is very important while this is done because it can be a potential source of infection.

What should I expect in my first visit?

As with most dermatological or cosmetic treatments, multiple sessions are required to attain and keep the good results for a long time. In between therapies are also good once you have finished your initial sessions that are recommended. If you want growth factor therapy for skin rejuvenation before an event, it is our strong recommendation that you should get it done at least a few days in advance in preparation for the event. With shorter time frames for attending an important event, we have a range of other no down-time therapies available.