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Lip Enhancement Injection and Surgery in Coimbatore by Dr. Sivakumar

 For people of Asian ethnicity, Lip reduction is a most sought-after procedure. The ideal upper lip to lower lip ratio is 1:2. Generally, both the lips are reduced to bring the lips in proportion, but the significant reduction is in the lower lip. It is specifically to take care of the outward turned lower lip.


Lip reduction is a simple procedure and takes about 30 minutes per lip. The scars are mostly inside the mouth and are not really visible from the outside.

Anesthesia And Method

It is done using local anesthesia, and when combined with the laser it is really a bloodless procedure. Often, a carbon-dioxide laser is used for lip reduction as it reduces the associated downtime.


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Stitches And Their Removal

Within a week’s time, the applied stitches are usually removed. Majorly the stitches are absorbable; it is prudent to remove them in a week’s time.

After The Procedure

The swelling after the surgery takes time to subside, and it settles mainly in about two week’s time, sometimes earlier if laser surgery is performed. However, the literature reveals that the final results may take longer to become evident.

Permanent Procedure

Unlike lip augmentation, lip reduction is a one-time procedure. It does not include additional touch-ups to maintain the result. The scar line settles well and is most often at the junction between the dry and the wet vermilion.

Lip Enhancement with filler/ surgery

Fillers are the most popular technique to plump up the thin lips. These are also a great option for shaping up the lips. One can expect a perfect pout using fillers. The fillers last up to a year, and a touch up is needed to maintain it at the same level. Lip fillers are an office procedure, and it takes about 15 mins to execute an ideal lip enhancement. The swelling from the procedure mainly subsides in a few hours to 2 days.

Surgical lip enhancement with fat

Lips are also sometimes augmented with fat. This is a lasting procedure and it is tough to reverse the plumped up lips after fat grafting.

To get a significant enhancement, the individual needs to undergo the procedure again because when fat is injected from one place to another some of the fat is absorbed.

The procedure is mostly carried out under local anesthesia, but sometimes sedation in line with local anesthesia is also used to make the patient more comfortable.

Overall, the procedure takes around 30 minutes, and no cuts are made to harvest or inject the fat. The whole process is performed using injections.

Always make sure to do well research on the procedure to gain the thorough understanding. Moving forward, trust only a Registered Plastic Surgeon

, who has in-depth domain expertise and experience.