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Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair Fall in Coimbatore

After a certain age, our skin’s power to repair itself slows down. Facial skin starts deteriorating, losing the natural glow and firmness. A stressful lifestyle devoid of physical activities and healthy food can speed up this process. Even those with healthy habits are going to age slowly but surely. This affects the natural contours of our face and gives an aged look to the person.

With the changing face of beauty and professional standards, we have the constant urge to look youthful. For this, Plastic Surgeons suggest Facelift Surgery as a permanent solution. As Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, Director & Chief Plastic Surgeon at SB Aesthetics says, “There are quite a number of patients who want a non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatment for the same issue”.

Mesotherapy is one such non-surgical procedure which involves injecting vitamins, minerals, and protein serums into the middle layer of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, a natural sugar, can also be mixed in this cocktail. When this serum cocktail is injected into the mesoderm, skin cells are energized and start producing collagen.

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Mesotherapy is a popular treatment in Europe and America. And many patients in India are asking for this skin nourishing mesotherapy treatment because:

  • This has an anti-aging effect on the skin.
  • Natural ingredients are used.
  • No downtime.
  • Painless as numbing cream is applied to the area before the procedure.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Increased circulation to restore and repair damaged tissue.
  • Natural sheen and glow on the face.
  • Skin rejuvenation for face, hands, and neck.
  • Cellulite reduction.

Ideal Candidates

  • Men and women with dull, dry and lifeless skin can get this treatment done for an immediate recharge in the skin.
  • The patient should not smoke and drink. Your doctor might suggest refraining from these, 2 weeks prior and after the procedure.
  • The patient should not suffer from any skin infection at the time of the procedure.

Mesotherapy is a very versatile treatment as serum cocktail ingredients can be customized as per the patient’s need. It is multifaceted as this has been used for:

  • Hair Rejuvenation
    Microinjections of serum are placed into the scalp to nourish the hair follicles, supply the nutrients to increase blood supply and promote growth.
  • Mild Cellulite Reduction
    Lytic Acid is mixed in the serum and injected in the treatment area, this will shrink the fat cells, repair connective tissues and increase the blood flow.
  • Facial Rejuvenation
    The most common use of Mesotherapy is for facial skin. It can be used to treat pigmentation, dullness, mild scars and loose skin.

Side effects

There is no such downtime after Mesotherapy. Patients experience a little redness and bruising that vanishes in 2-3 hours. However, when done by an untrained person in an unhygienic environment, treatment can cause infection.

At SB Aesthetics, we put a lot of emphasis on high standard patient care and sterilized clinical environment.


  • From the first session of Mesotherapy, you will have deeply hydrated and glowy skin.
  • There is an intense production of collagen which improves skin health.
  • There are visible results, you will have natural contours and lift in the face without surgery.

Typically 3-5 sessions of Mesotherapy is advised at an interval of 2 weeks. However, it would be the best to discuss with your doctor and plan the sessions accordingly.

Find the best-fit skincare here! Mesotherapy is all that you need for healthy and beautiful skin because it can be tailor-made for your specific concerns.