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Laser Toning


Lighten and brighten your skin with laser toning

Laser toning improves the color and the texture of the skin. Laser toning literally means the evening out of facial or body pigmentations leading to a more uniform less pigmented skin. It is carried out to correct facial pigmentations that can arise from melasma, sun-spots, open pores, tanning and in general instant brightening of the facial skin and other body parts resulting from the treatment. This procedure has minimal or no downtime associated with it. It can help correct stubborn pigmentary changes. Done regularly it also promotes the dermal collagen production and helps fight the early signs of aging and delays it.

A lot of bleaching agents have been used in the past to eliminate the pigmentary disorders that cause a lot of distress in people concerned about getting a healthier looking clearer skin. Lasers are an advancement in cosmetology where they are precise and work gently in a targeted manner to achieve the result with precision without having the side effects of long-term steroids or bleaching agents. They are increasingly being resorted to by Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists to give the radiant pigment-free skin to their patients.

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Causes for Pigmentation on the Face

The pigmentary changes on the face can be a part of the aging process, hormonal imbalance, due to heredity, melasma due to pregnancy but it is mostly due to the sun damage that occurs with sun exposure. It stresses on the fact that one should wear sunscreen every day and apply it every couple of hours in the daytime also apply it 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun.
The issues discussed above cause an imbalance in melanin production which causes dark spots and patches in the skin.

The Technology behind Laser Toning

Laser toning, unlike other lasers, is quite a gentle procedure on the skin. It uses non-ablative lasers which work by a cumulative heating up of the targeted tissue without actually destroying it. Once the laser is complete the body processes these released pigments in its immune cells to clear them from the system.
The Laser used in laser toning is NdYAG laser in the Q switched mode which selects the melanin-producing cells by the virtue of selective photothermolysis which targets the pigments present in the melanocytes. It also during the rejuvenation process gently heats up the skin and causes a calming effect on the pigment-producing cells or melanocytes without actually destroying them forcefully thus reducing the downtime.


No particular pre-preparation is necessary for laser toning. The skin is cleaned and the procedure is started. A warm sensation on the face is felt during the procedure and the skin may feel warm to touch. A very gentle pricking sensation may be felt by some patients. A bleaching happens to the hair in the treated area which further helps in the lightening of the body part. After the procedure, a sunscreen is applied to the face and one is advised to wear a sunscreen regularly to maintain the effect one has from the procedure till the next session which is usually repeated between 2-3 weeks time. One can return to regular activities immediately following the treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Any person who is looking for a glow to the skin or correction of pigmentary conditions which are long-standing or of a recent occurrence is a candidate. Laser toning gives an instant glow to the skin so it can be used as a procedure in preparation for attending an event. It gives an instant brightening and lightening effect.

How many sessions are required?

As with all other non-ablative treatments, one requires multiple sessions to achieve the optimum results which are typically 5-6 sessions. These can be repeated at an interval of 2-3 weeks time.

Why choose us?

Laser treatments are being performed by various people who claim to have a certified training. One must understand that Lasers are delivered by powerful machines and are precise in treatments. It needs the knowledge of specific tissue function and on how control can be achieved in a scientific manner. We use USFDA approved Q switched NdYag machine which is at par with the world’s best. Our protocols for treatments are defined and customized according to the requirement of the condition for which the laser is being done. We promote safe practice through scientifically backed data which gives us our predictable results.