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We used US FDA approved Lumenis Light Sheer desire to give a best results.

Similar to hair loss problem, another common problem that individual’s face is removal of unwanted hairs. The growth of unwanted hairs on face and other parts of the body may cause disturbances in performing regular activities.

There are laser treatments available to remove hair and such treatments are offered by many clinics in Coimbatore. Covai Cosmetic Surgery offer best laser treatment for hair removal in Coimbatore to many individuals suffering with unwanted hair growth.

Laser hair treatment involves the procedure of using highly concentrated light into the hair follicles, which is absorbed by the pigments in follicles to destroy hair growth. Although there are other methods like electrolysis, depilatories, waxing and shaving available to remove hair, these are temporary solutions and time consuming. They may also be painful. But laser treatment can be painless and gives you permanent solution throughout your life.

Benefits of laser hair removal Coimbatore:

Some of the remarkable benefits of laser hair removal treatment are:

  • Less time consuming and can be performed soon
  • Technique used is safe and painless to the patient
  • It gives long lasting and permanent reduction in the hair growth
  • This is an effective method to remove hair in large areas of the body

Among numbers of hair treatment clinics providing different types of hair removal solutions, Covai Cosmetic Surgery is the renowned and best laser hair removal clinic in Coimbatore. We have the best qualified doctors who can provide the best solution to individuals exactly according to their expectations. We strive to provide quality hair removal treatment at best cost, without disturbing your budget. We pride being the recognized hair removal clinic in Coimbatore treating numbers of individuals every day with best results. Achieving 100% of our patients is our key objective.

We give all best options and solutions for hair removal. We diagnose the current condition and analyze the causes and history before beginning with the treatment for permanent results. Our doctors will explain you about all the procedures to be followed for hair removal to keep you comfortable during the treatment. We will also provide you quote for treatment procedure to help you decide upon which method to choose to meet your budget and result expectations.

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