Various Types of Breast Reduction Surgery in Coimbatore– A Guide

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Among numbers of cosmetic treatments and surgeries, breast reduction surgery is very popular.

Be it women, come forward to undergo the Breast Reduction Surgery in Coimbatore, to avoid the various complications they are experiencing in the day-to-day life due to oversized breast. This problem becomes very high among young girls. To provide you the best solution, there are cosmetic surgery centers in Coimbatore providing best services.

Covai Cosmetic surgery provides the best and affordable Breast Reduction Surgery in Coimbatore. We have the team of qualified surgeons who can deal with any types of breast reduction or enlargement surgery. If you are in search of male Breast Reduction Surgery in Coimbatore, then we can be the right choice to give you best solution.

There are various types breast reduction surgeries or treatments provided by the surgeons. However, choosing the right one is imperative for safe and long lasting results. This makes it important to find the best surgeons who can suggest you the appropriate type of surgery and the results you can experience after surgery.

There are different cases for which an individual may need breast reduction surgery, such as large breast size, different breast size, breast enlargement and more. The bilateral breast reduction surgery is done for both breasts and unilateral breast reduction of single breast.

Some of the common techniques or types of breast reduction surgeries are:

  • Scar-less breast reduction technique

  • Vertical incision breast reduction technique

  • Traditional or anchor incision breast reduction technique

           Some of the other common methods or breast reduction  surgeries include:

  • Pedicle technique: This is the common method and it maintains the sensation and function of breast and nipples even after surgery

  • Free nipple graft: In this method nipple is removed and returned to new location through skin graft. This is the most challenging type of surgery

  • Stevens laser bras: In this method internal bra to produce permanent support for the breasts is used. The incision pattern used is similar to anchor method.

Some of the remarkable benefits of breast reduction surgery are:

  • Undoubtedly, this surgery can bring dramatic changes in your physical appearance

  • You will feel more confident than before

  • You can now wear any traditional or modern clothes that fit you better

  • You are free from unwanted comments on the large breasts, which is very common and mentally affects young girls

  • Your quality of life will definitely improve after this surgery

  • Your breast will look smaller, perfect shape and firmer

  • You will experience less or no strain on your neck and back

  • There will be no more indentation marks on your shoulder due to bra straps

  • There will be no skin irritation underneath breasts

  • This surgery may also give relief from breathing problem to some extent

  • You will feel very comfortable about your body

  • You will get good posture

  • You can avoid infections under breasts

  • You are completely out of psychological distress

  • You can now confidently take part in any physical activities and sports

How Beneficial is the Best Reduction Surgery? Importance and Benefits

Any women today would want to have smaller, firmer and lighter breasts. There are of course many mental and physical disturbances women face due to large breasts. Gone are the days to suffer with the problems of large breasts, today there are many smart solutions available to reduce breast size and stay comfortable. In this aspect, the breast reduction surgery has benefited many women.

Before you decide to undergo breast reduction surgery, it is important to understand the need. Here are a few factors emphasizing the need for breast reduction:

  • Neck ache

  • Back ache

  • Physical discomfort

  • Cannot choose perfectly fitting dresses

  • Social consciousness and more

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This breast reduction surgery is becoming very common. People are becoming aware of the benefits and they are more realistic in accepting such surgery and treatment in current days.

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